Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Man

We are blessed.
Sometimes a bill comes in the mail and you think to yourself
why am I spending so much money on something
as frivolous as cable and internet?

Friday we got a HUGE bill from the cable company.
They raised our bundle pricing. Ouch.

We did some talking.
We decided maybe we didn't need t.v.
We could go back to the antenna. It was free.
We could NOT go without internet.
We could not go without a landline because
not all family members had cell phones.

We called the cable company this morning.
Asked questions.
Called other companies.
Priced things.
Called the cable company back.
Made decisions.
Called to cancel and got Mary.

Mary said she didn't want us to leave.
Mary gave us $70 off our monthly bill because we asked.

We still have cable.
We like Mary.

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