Monday, June 1, 2009

My Fathers Keeper

I am using this space to vent. Sorry! I LOVE my Dad! But he is driving my nuts! Dad would do anything for us, and does not have a malicious bone in his body and I just have to keep telling myself that.

D built/rebuilt our deck the last few weekends. When Mom and Dad got here we asked Dad to make some benches for the deck, in a way to keep him busy, but also because we needed the benches rebuilt. We talked about it with Dad and said please don't stain the deck. We want it to match everything and we had an old can of stain, but please don't stain the deck. We have mature bushes lining the deck and we don't want to do anything to kill them or stunt their growth if it rains.

What does he do? Stain the freaking deck. At first I thought my husband was going to loose it. Then after we both calmed down we decided, fine stain it. Well my husband is a neatfreak and needs things done a certain way, especially his projects...and here is my Dad slopping stain all over everything. Stain on the house, stain on the bushes, puddles of stain in places and nothing in other places.

Today after my brother left my Dad was right back out there to put another coat on (without my permission or even telling me). All of the sudden he yells into me that I need to come out and brush the cracks. Well, I am in my only decent pair of black capris and my new favorite t-shirt. But Dad can't wait. I run outside in the 80 degree heat and start painting the cracks (which should have been done first) all the while my Dad is "rolling on" on the stain two millimeters behind me at all times. I kept asking him to stop and let me get ahead and finish the cracks so he could roll and we wouldn't step in it, but no.

Argh!!! I love the man with all my hear but he doesn't hear me!!!

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Bailey and Chloe's Mom said...

Praying for patience and understanding for both you and D. I also pray that nothing gets killed or damaged. Keep your chin up. We are with you in Spirit!