Friday, June 12, 2009

I Dream of Onions...

...grilled pearl onions. A new friend of ours brought the onion/veg dish to a communal dinner a few weeks ago.
She brought these babies, cubed peppers of different colors and some cherry tomatoes. All she did was peel the onions (more later), add the cubed veggies
, pour a tablespoon or three of olive oil over the veg to coat, and give it a shake of some season salt, grill them either on skewers or in a grill tray and...viola. I could eat JUST the onions, they are THAT good. David and I fight over the onions, they are that good.

Onions. They come in a little mesh bag in the grocery store. Our Kroger has them hanging above the packages of salad and things. You take them home, boil some water and throw the onions in a for three minutes. Put the onions in cold water and peel them from the root. This is the easier of the two ways. The first time I made these I peeled each one by hand, had tears ROLLING down my cheeks, and it took forevah. The picture of the onions is actually post boiling, pre-peeling.

Serve the grilled veg with a little grilled fish or chicken, maybe some Israeli Couscous (trader joes-you've GOT to try it with a little chicken broth rather than water) and you have my favorite new meal. The paper top to the package of onions suggests putting them in a vodka cream sauce (YUM) or in beef stews (maybe).

BTW, I am NOT an onion eater. I do NOT eat onions on salads when served, I pick out raw onions, the only onions I eat are cooked onions in sauces or grilled onions on burgers or steaks, so this recipe suggestion is not coming from some onion freak.

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