Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Found A "Snazzie" New Blog

Yesterday I called my sister whilst at the fabric store and asked her what I was getting/making Owie (her grandson) for his (2nd) birthday this year. Laura reminded me that I had found some really cute felt food recently on a blog, and since I HEART sewing felt for my little man O, I should be sewing some food.

I googled felt food and found this really cute new blog Snazzle Craft. It's kinds of one of those blogs that has a bunch of "re-use your kid's clothes and make them into something else to wear, strange mohawk hats of fleece, funky purses to make" blog. I thought you'd all enjoy since I have no pictures to show (yet) of the felt food (in progess). And darn-it I am going to spoil the surprise for my sister this time and just take the pictures and post before she sees the food in person, before I forget to take the freaking pictures of the cute costume stuff, like last Christmas.

Today I volunteered at Bubba's school, and came home and sewed like a crazy woman because for some reason I forgot that I needed to make Sam's teacher something nice as an "end of year/you've been really great to make him feel so comfortable in the classroom" present. I decided on tote filled with school supplies.

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