Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Mom and Dad left this morning at o-dark-thirty, but we were able to celebrate Father's Day yesterday for both my Dad and David. My Mom cooked a fab dinner last night, of steaks, veg, garlic bread, and fruit salad. Real man food.

Dad has been anxious to go home, and Mom's back has been worse, so it was time to go home and see their doctor tomorrow morning. Dad is showing more and more signs of dementia or some other neuro effect of PD, to the point at which I e-mailed his doctor to ask questions and alert them. Hopefully the doctor and his PA will be able to give my Mom, sister and I some advice as to how to proceed.


Jennifer said...

Great picture! Hope their trip home was uneventful and you hear some positive things from the doc. Seeing your photo makes me miss you SO much -- we need a good old fashioned sewing day, don't we? ((Hugs))

Careless said...

Jennifer-I was thinking that we needed a sewing day...are you bring a project to my house or am I bringing something to yours? I miss you too!