Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fabric and Dogs

Yesterday while I was at Walmart, of all places, picking out a baby gate for my Mom's dog, who is driving me nuts, I found this really cute/pretty fabric. 100 % cotton, and only $3 a yard. I really like the birds. Skirt? Smock-y top?! Bag?

The weird thing about Walmart fabric is that there is never the same fabric the next time you go or from store to store.

As for the dogs. This is what goes on all day at our house. Chloe and my Mom's dog Rosie wrestle. ALL the time. Chloe actually looks pretty vicious in this picture, but she wouldn't hurt a fly. Chloe and Rosie bite each other's ears and paws and get each other all worked up and then they chase thru the house...wrestle...etc.

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Jennifer said...

I know you totally weren't posting about this, but OMGoodness that rug is GORGEOUS! Is that the one from your folks? Love it!