Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've mentioned how much it sucks (for lack of a better word) to be church hunting. Well, we actually had success today. I'm not going as far as to say that the church we went to was a perfect fit, but today we ALL enjoyed the church we attended! The music was AWESOME, the people were really nice, the facility was wonderful, and the preaching...the preaching was great. Success! It really changes your day and outlook to go somewhere that you are loved and accepted and really liked!

The parental units arrived this afternoon safely with their satanic spawn dog Rosie. Rosie has been well behaved so far, and to celebrate their arrival we all went out to City BBQ (one of my local American-it being Memorial Day Weekend and all- fav's) and sucked some Deelicious BBQ down the ole pie hole. Ymmmm.


Bailey and Chloe's Mom said...

Oh yeah!!!! On the church hunt. I am so glad there was someplace welcoming you into God's arms.
Also wanted to say a big YES on the treasures from your parents. I bet it was wonderful to curl up in that chair and smell your Dad. If you are homesick you are now only a chair away :)
Glad everyone is adjusting to the new digs and finding your ways.

Careless said...

Yes, the chair helps with homesickness...but now that Papa is here visiting he spends all his time in it :) He slept there last night! Thank you SO much for thinking and praying for us...we are really excited about this church!!