Saturday, May 23, 2009

Maaaatha and others

I've always been a library junkie. Some nights when I am bored I'll go to Amazon and search their lists of top this or that or best sellers and open a second page link to our local library catalog and search and request books I see on Amazon. Here are the latest...

A few weeks ago I requested Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts.

I am a huge Martha fan, or should I say I am a huge pre-jail magazine fan of hers. I don't really care for the show or all the other corporate stuff, but enjoy sitting down with a copy of her magazine and planning. So I checked out her new release and...can I say that I am disappointed? The book is fine, nice photos and such, but every freaking thing in it is out of a past magazine. In the "reference book" sense the book is fine and a neat package of all her ideas. But frankly I have all the magazine articles I wanted to keep ripped out and saved. Big let down.

My other library pick up was this book...Sew What Skirts. Can I just tell you that it is pretty cute and has some great ideas!? Totally easy patterns. All the patterns are measure yourself add this subtract this # type things, but that is great since there are no silly tissue papers to deal with (I hate those). And it makes the book user friendly for all shapes and sizes. I am in the skirt wearing and making mood and really haven't found a pattern up to now that I like. I will be making a few things (hopefully) this week and post regarding directions and outcome soon.

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