Monday, May 4, 2009

A Couple of Malcontents

So a typical weekend begins in our household...we decide that we are going to NOT do anything and sit on our bums and stuff our pie-holes, because we've done a lot of unpacking, projects, painting, etc. Long about 12:01 pm on Saturday afternoon, after watching two movies, eating pizza and twiddling our thumbs, we decide we are going to pull up the wood on the deck, plane it, regrade under it and put the decking back on. You see, on Friday night we had a gully-washer of a rain storm and come Saturday morning we had 3 little puddles in the basement, (Sorry Jennifer, I know it brings back memories), and we would eventually like to finish our basement and want to keep it dry for a year or so before finishing.

This all being said, we start on the deck. Above is our before you can see it was a little oxidized, you can't really tell, but the lattice is in fact rotting and falling down and it really needed a new coat of stain.

The deck is situated off the kitchen and is a rockin' place to sit outside. We had friends over the other night and stayed on the deck the ENTIRE time.

Fast forward an hour or so on Saturday and we have come to realize that the person that constructed the deck never thought it would ever have to be removed. The idiot used these crazy corkscrew nails that are a crazy pain to get out. D went so far as to get out a sledge hammer and use all 175 pounds to beat them out with little success. You know what we found under the deck? A giant swimming pool of water. Hmmm.

This is how far we got...and what idiot didn't move the grill before we started?

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