Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yesterday after I took my Mom to the Chiropractor, we stopped at a local nursery (Knollwood) to look at plants. Every house that I have ever co-owned with my husband has had a clematis. Yesterday at Knollwood I bought my Dayton house indigo sapphire. I am very excited to see it's bloom color!

When I got home with my plants (clematis, bee balm, guarda, delphinium, etc...) I mentioned ot my Dad that I needed a trellis for my new clematis. So he took one of the old decking boards and ripped it into 1/2 inch strips (all connected at the bottom) and fanned the strips out into a lattice. After about an hour or so and a pint of blood (his tremor was acting up while he was using the air compressor to nail the wood to the supports!) he brought this out and we planted my new clematis :)

So (I didn't take a before picture) I shaped all the huge overgrown bushes (boxwoods I think) into little mounds for "anchors" (because I can't throw a good plant away) and scattered my new flowering plants between. One garden big one to go.

My brother is driving up from TN tomorrow morning to come and get his loot from Mom and Dad's truck. And he is a lanscaped architect. So I plan on picking his brain for ideas in the front. It is full sun and a DISASTER! The people who owned out house before us never gardened and just left all the contractor grade plants in for the last 16 years. The contractor grade plants are all too big and weirdly placed. I'll have to take a front garden before picture...

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