Friday, May 22, 2009

The Mother Lode

The truck from my parents arrived this last Tuesday. Mom & Dad have sold their house and are in the process of clearing some furniture and things out. Since both my siblings have established homes it looks like we were going to get some fun stuff. Lately my Mom has always been about the "I'm not going to be around forever, is there something you want?" Well, we heard conflicting rumors on what was to be expected. One day the (coveted) 2 famous red leather chairs were coming, the next day they decided against sending the chairs.

Back and forth decisions and changes for weeks all leading to D and I just taking on a "don't ask, what ever we get is cool" policy.

The day of the big reveal we opened the truck and what was inside?

My childhood piano, which D was THRILLED about. It is wonderful and looks great in our once empty living room. Yeah!

A big burgundy leather Barcolounger of my Dad's which is AWESOME and everyone is fighting over. It even smells like my a good way. We are all scratching our heads as to why it was sent because that is my Dad's chair...the chair he sleeps in :) I am guessing my Mom just wanted it out of the house :)

Some artwork. One of my favorite print's of theirs so that is really cool, and it looks great on our empty walls.

A rug for the family room that matches all our stuff perfectly. Our family room was once a bit cavernous and all "carpet" and the rug brings both sides of the room together really nicely.

A giant wood framed mirror that was my grandmothers. Very nice...can always use a bit of Fung Suei going on. Looks great above the mantel.

A table saw for my brother, which he needs to come up and get. Hint hint.

A band saw for D, which he is jumping for joy over.

A couple of twin mattress and box springs that we put in the basement for now.

A million twin sheets and pillow cases. (Since the beds are here I guess?)

Clothes and stuff for them when they are here.

A drop leaf table and little "fern table."

And last but not least.....drum roll...the absolute freaking mother lode of sewing stuff. Mom sent 3 sewing cabinets, a sewing machine, a serger (whoot!-I miss mine!) and a mess of thread, notions and patterns.

Needless to on the look out for some crafty sewing posts soon!

We won the hand-me-down lottery!

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