Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zero to Sixty

My gorgeous girl went and got her haircut and grew up.  Did I tell you that she has a boyfriend?  Or should I say had.  Bryce has been a fixture at our house all summer.  We, David and I, made a point of inviting him over a few times a week, meeting his parents, spending time with him.  David made a joke the other day that we couldn't move anywhere, because we would loose Bryce.   He was over just last week for dinner, and we went and saw Harry Potter with him last Friday.

Last night Hannah walked out of the house around 8 pm and said "I'm going outside."  Instantly I knew that she had been texting with our new neighbor (just met them last weekend) and she was going outside to meet him and his cousin from Kansas that was visiting.  Around 10:30 I texted Hannah and asked her to please come inside (I had been peeking out the window and knew she was in the yard talking to these boys).  Hannah was covered in 34 bug bites (love is cruel), smelled like Axe, and she came inside giving me attitude (and I quote "What?").

Excuse me?  I started asking questions, because I am an involved parent, not a busy body and apparently Hannah decided she liked this other kid who lives 14 hours away and broke up with Bryce.  What?

All day today I asked Hannah if I could text Bryce, and I made comments to Hannah on how much I was going to miss him and that she was crazy to break up with him.  Hannah declared it would be creepy if I invited him over and continued to spend time with him.  Duh.  But it's like we ALL broke up with him.  I'm involved with his family.  His Mom and I have been doing stuff together.  We all spent time together!  When I texted David to tell him that Hannah broke up with Bryce, he too said he was sad, would miss him and wanted to know what was up with Hannah.

This was Hannah's first real boyfriend.  I was kind of thinking that it would be a fairytale romance and Hannah and Bryce would meet at 13 and fall in love and get married 15 years later after a long celibate courtship.  Am I being unreasonable?


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I thought my nephews romance would be like that: met at 13, married at 19, child at 22, but affair at 33 (her, not him) and now divorced. I guess she wanted to do her playing around! Having said that, my 20yo's boyfriend is not, she tells me, a 'forever boyfriend' but we'd all miss him if he went!. Hope it all works outra

The Galloping Gobets said...

Sigh, Sad. Get used to it. It makes it hard when it is an actual daughter in law or son in law that has to leave and hubby and I still like him/her.

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Anonymous said...

It scares me to imagine my 1 year old girl growing up :( I guess it happens! Great post.

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wench said...

She's 13, I'm not surprised she was giving you attitude. It's what teenagers do. And welcome to the 21st first century, where people rarely marry the first person they show a romantic interest in. Obivously I'm not trying to tell you how to raise your daughter, and I respect that you are concerned for your daughter's well-being but I can tell you that placing such expectations onto your daughter at 13 is only going to drive her down the wrong path. Mr. 14-hours-away will not come to anything, and she can continue growing up and having brief infatuations with other boys.

Good luck for the next 5 years til she moves out and goes to college.

hopefulvalley said...

I understand how you feel! I loved my son's first girlfriend. They were together from the beginning of 8th grade to the second month of 12th grade. Then they broke up, very difficult for myself, oh, and for my son too! They'd just grown apart, but it still hurt him a lot. I missed her, but focused on helping my son through his first heartache, and here we are 3 years later, I am now quite fond of his current girlfriend too. You just have to let them do their thing, and support them always, and give them guidance and limitations when needed as well. But try to keep your heart aches to yourself, or it could place a lot of unneeded stress on them. Good luck!