Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear Flea Market,

Dear Flea Market,

It has been too long.  After years of absence, we finally meet again today.  This morning I surprised my husband and kids with a day spent together with you.  And you came through.  You delivered tons of entertainment.  

Your booths and booths of wares.  We reminisced over your Fisher Price toys, we laughed over your Jean Lu Picard commemorative plates, we drooled over your gorgeous leaded glass windows, and your hand tools.  

You provided just the right amount of sun for our slathered up sunscreened bodies.  Your breeze was amazing.

We people watched your oddly dressed, rednecked, tattooed customers.  Your crazy people with their wares.  Then we ate and ate.  Your crazy good chuck roast sandwich roasted for 12 hours and slathered in grilled onions.  Your BLT, your hamburger,  your ice cream, your hand cut french fries.

You are a good friend flea market.  I have missed you.

Hugs and sweaty kisses,



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