Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear Young Mommy Me,

Dear Young Mommy Me,

Today as I jogged down the street I passed the cutest little Cozy Coupe sitting on the esplanade with a "free" sign taped to the front bumper.  As I ran past I made note of the driveway so I could swing past the driveway later in my car to pick up the loot.  But...who would use the brightly colored plastic car?  I racked my brain.  My kids are too big.  EVERYONE's kids I know are too big.  Even my nephew's son, my GREAT NEPHEW, is too big to drive the toy car.

I am officially not a young mother anymore.  My kids are entering high school and middle school this Fall.  Gone are the days of Cozy Coupes.  Gone are babysitters, gone are car seats, gone are night lights (okay, maybe not that one), and gone are strollers.  I am growing up, and so are my kids.

I had to run past the car, leave it behind for some younger version of myself.


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Bailey and Chloe's Mom said...

I loved this one! That had to be the hardest thing to leave that on the side of the road. Even though Chloe is 4 we are still doing this and then putting it out on Facebook to see if anyone can use it. I don't wish for the day when they are totally grown.