Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear People of Oblivion,

Dear People of Oblivion,

I met your Queen yesterday at the grocery store.  Thank you so much for introducing me to your royalty.  While in the local Meijer (best produce ANYWHERE) I was traveling through the frozen food aisle when I happened on your Queen and her daughter.  I tried to get down the aisle, but your Queen had not only one, but two carts blocking the aisle, and had left her 7 year old girl standing with them, IN THE CENTER OF THE AISLE.  Have I mentioned that?

Your Queen was SO freaking intent on getting all the Banquet Frozen Salisbury Steak meals she could stuff in one of her carts, that I stood there and waited.  And said excuse me.  And had to endure the daughter's stares while I waited.  Weird, should be in a scary movie, little girl exorcist stares.  Seriously.  I did not want her mother to reach around to put her arms loads of red boxes in the cart and slam into me, who knows why, maybe that would have snapped her out of her coma, but I finally I plow my way past the creepy little girl and your cartS.  I was beginning to think I was a horrible wicked person and your Queen may be hearing impaired, but that was not the case. 

We were subjected to your Queen a few more times as we made our way through the store, but the Pièce de résistance was when your Queen walked up to the self checkout lane with both carts and took forever to check herself out while the masses waited for her.
Sorry, I forgot to curtsy. Hopefully there won't be a next time. 
Hugs and frozen kisses,


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Kristen Riggan said...

How very rude!! People nowadays care nothing about how they treat others. I love your blog! You are so funny and talk so much smack in such a nice way! Thanks again for the laugh!