Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Time Warner Cable,

Dear Time Warner,

Thank you so much for taking your sweet time to restore my cable, internet and telephone services after Monday's tiny storm.  I understand that I am a big baby.  I know that I should be thankful for power, indoor plumbing, my gas stove, etc...but come on!  Three days with no internet?  I could do without telephone or cable t.v., but internet?  It was torture.  

Sure, some of my neighbors had trees in their driveways, but 3 days to restore service?

I know that I would never make it on the PBS hit Pioneer House, but please don't judge me for my addiction to my computer and all the pleasure it provides me.  No, not in a creepy way.  Get your head out of the toilet.  I'm talking about hulu, blogs, e-mail, etc.  Not porn.

Then, Time Warner, after denying me my vice, you were highly unhelpful on the phone.  Your customer service rep "Ronnie" left me wanting to talk to someone with a brain.  Or a personality.  Something.

I am strongly considering cutting ties Time Warner.  Strongly considering.  But first, I need to find a new ISP.

Hugs and not so creepy kisses,


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