Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Local City Schools,

Dear Local City Schools,

Thank you for the pleasure of driving my daughter to school each morning.  I really appreciate the fact that you have recently taken away the high school bussing, because you don't know how to manage your budget.  Next up?  I "get" to pay $300 per child per sport to give my children the privilege for playing public school sports.  IN PUBLIC SCHOOL!

Let us take a step back.  I currently pay OVER $7000 a year in property taxes.  Seriously?  $7000!  I understand that our local public schools have been rated as "excellent" for over ten years.  But $7 G's?  I pay $7G's and you can't drive my kid to and from school?  You would like me to pass a levy that raises my property taxes ANOTHER $1800 per year.  WTF!?

Unless I fork out another $1800 my children will loose their gifted classes, Media Teachers (Not the Librarians!), and my middle school child will loose his bussing.

So now, like all the other schlumps in this town, I have the privilege, ne' the honor, of wasting 45 minutes each morning driving my gorgeous girl and the two neighbor boys the 2 congested, traffic at a stand still miles, to school.

I need to move.

Hugs and long kisses in the backseat,


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