Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dear Cynical World,

Dear Cynical World,

I guess I am a nerd.  First, I thank you for drawing my attention to that fact earlier this week as my co-worker made fun of me for knowing the call sign, listening to, and enjoying NPR.  Now, to add to my nerdiness, as of this week, I am a subscriber to NG.  For all my co-workers, that is National Geographic know, the one with the pretty pictures?

I got my first (second and third) National Geographic this week.  Woot!  And I am addicted.  AND newly educated! How is this, you ask?  I am reading things in NG that are very interesting and the pictures are real pretty too.  The photographer in me wanted the magazine, and when I got an offer for a $10 subscription, I JUMPED at the chance.

Did you know that three people went to Africa and took DNA of village dogs and started analyzing the data?  I know it sounds weird, but I like learning about stuff people around the world are doing, learning, dreaming up.

I can't wait to


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coffee said...

I used to read NG before I had children too. I would read old issues to remind myself of some of the real life stories. One of the most memorable 1 is about gold mining. But after I have children, I do not have time to read this monthly magazine anymore. I will continue subscribing after my children go to kindergarten. Till then will share with you the stories I read. Wonder if the Asia version same with your version of NG?