Monday, January 30, 2012

I Humbly Bow

My friend Jennifer and I have both been lauded, I mean accused, for our customer service complaining abilities.  At one point in our friendship, after one of us was wronged, the two of us toyed with the idea of starting our own company that would "stand up for the little guy" and serve the community as a complaint service.  You were wronged by Time Warner Cable (who hasn't been), we'll call them and rip them a new one for you!

Sadly, neither Jennifer or I saw a future in complaining and the great business idea hatched that day over the phone never materialized.

All this being said to tell you (and Jennifer) that I now humbly bow to David Thorne.  If you've never heard of David Thorne, neither had I until a friend of my brother's got me addicted to his blog 27b/6.

David Thorne is a genius.  And an Australian genius too! Woot!  David is a graphic artist.  When David was wronged by a ski shop selling him very expensive gloves that failed, and the HORRIBLE customer service from the dorks behind the counter, what did he do?  He took out a FULL PAGE AD for free snowboards at said ski shop.  They had 5000 calls!

Just to be David, and push the envelope, David tormented a workmate to the point that the workmate filled out 12 formal have got to read these complaints and see David's stunts!  And nothing/no hearing or action was taken against David and his antics.

I have laughed my way through David's Thorne's site, and have stayed sane in all my madness because he is such an idiot!  Go check it out!


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