Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear Legos,

Dear Legos,

I hate you.  I hate the way you have lasted for years and years and just keep enticing (small) boys to get addicted to your devil product.  You are evil.

Today I confiscated Legos from two boys for the fourth time in two days.  It's not that I don't approve of your brain building synapse-firing qualities, it is that I hate that you turn normal boys into lying, hateful Kindergarteners.

Yesterday Boy #1 and Boy #2 brought Legos into the gym after school and I kindly, without a big deal asked them to put them in their bags.  This is a bi-weekly occurrence with these two students.  MINUTES later I caught them with Legos in the gym and escorted them out to their bag to put said Legos away.  Boy #2 then had the gall!!!! to bad mouth me in front of Boy #1 about "my rules and how stupid they were." 

When the Dad of boy #2 got there I told him that I was getting to the point that I would have to start frisking his kid before he could enter the gym and I had given him several warnings.   I didn't see boy #1's parent before I left.

Then today, the boys were playing with Legos in the gym AGAIN!!!  So I took them away.  I told them I was done and I would be discussing this with their parents.

We go outside to play later in the afternoon and guess what?  FREAKING LEGOS.  Boy #1 has taken more out of his bag and is constructing a whole ship on the picnic table.  I confiscate those and as I am turning to walk away boy #1 says to boy #2"I hate Mrs. Careless."

I went off. I told the boys that they had hurt my feelings that they had disobeyed and were very disrespectful to me.  I told them that I was hurt that they had said such mean things to me.  Why Lego's?  Why do you produce such a product that turns little boys into haters?

A little while later I walked inside to use the bathroom and on my way back outside guess what?  Boy #1 is sitting at his bag pulling out MORE Legos!  He looks up and says "I thought you'd left for the day."

Seriously?  It is a school-wide rule that there are no personal toys allowed in the gym or on the playground.  It is not safe for the younger kids, pieces get lost, other kids pocket items and fights ensue.  It is a school rule!  

Lego's.  I am done with you.  Forever.  Done.


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Diane said...

I feel your pain but with me it is the phone in class.