Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Fellow Employee,

Dear Fellow Employee,

Thank you so much for not knowing what NPR stands for.  Really?  Am I really THAT judgmental? National Public Radio, idiot.

Okay, let me go back.  First, if it wasn't already hugely obvious, this workmate of mine is monumentally different from me.  From outward appearance to upbringing, we are total opposites.  So when you ask me how to control your children and suggest in jest, "classical music and news radio," then gasp in horror that I know the station number?  AND question that I listen to NPR by choice? Really?  AND you ask what NPR stands for?

It's settled.  I am judgmental.  I need to broaden my scope and realize that there are people out there that haven't been exposed to wonderful programming like NPR, but in turn those people need to stop judging my tastes.





Kelsey said...

NPR totally rocks. While I was a geologist at an oil company it got out that I listened to NPR while making my maps.... needless to say co-workers were less than supportive.

Jennifer said...

Dear Careless, I love you more than I love NPR. And you know that is a LOT. Love, Jennifer

Careless said...

Dear Jennifer-I love YOU more than Betty Crocker Brownies, Robbie WIlliams AND Diet Coke. And you know how much I love those 3. Love, C