Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Invasion of Privacy

Do you think that hiding a phone that is on and in "speaker phone mode" in your pocket and holding a conversation with an unsuspecting 3rd party is an invasion of privacy?  I do.

Can you say that I am pissed?  I am innocently talking to my daughter, asking her about her boyfriend and their plans on Friday, when I blurt out to my daughter that I need to poop.  Yes, we are family.  Yes, we discuss these things.  I REALLY needed to use the bathroom.  Hannah bursts into a fit of giggles and points to her phone in the pocket of her hoodie and mouths "It's on and Tony just heard you."

Where would you like me to start this lecture, Hannah?


Anonymous said...

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Jennifer said...

Oh dear. I think I would lose my mind. Oh -- and she would lose the phone. I would also keep that trick in mind and perhaps use it on her with Dad on the phone so it stays in the family but she learns how it feels. Isn't 14 fun?

Carla said...


Molly said...

Yes, oh dear..