Friday, January 13, 2012

5 Cans Short of a Six-Pack

My mother just called me.

The whole conversation lasted 45 seconds.  She didn't even say hello.  I answered the phone and the first (interrupting) words out of her mouth were, "Is it snowing?  Are you snowed in?"

I answered yes, because I live in Ohio and it would be weird if it wasn't snowing in mid-January, to which she said, "Oh, okay.  What are you doing this weekend?...Oh, okay...(I didn't answer)...Bye."

This is only the 6th or 7th clue that my mother is now the conductor of the crazy train.  Last week's stalking phone calls and depressing e-mail asking me if I was sure if I should apply to grad school because I may not be able to handle it AND clean my house...and I'm afraid my siblings and I are going to be looking into dementia drug treatments soon.  I know I shouldn't be joking about this, many families do suffer from dementia, but my family already has it's demented.  We are covered.


Stealthy Mom said...

(I should not be laughing, either, but it is such an image... Humour, by the way, is one of the most effective and healthy coping mechanisms. )

shirley said...

you just described my mother to a "T". hahahahahaha thanks for the chuckle.

The Galloping Gobets said...

I had a phone call like that with my mom.. . . . . it was the last one I ever had with her, she died 24 hours after that call.
Yes, laugh now, it is ok to laugh,but the biggest thing to do is to remember. Remember these phone calls. And Remember your mom with laughter in your heart.
Sorry this wasn't suppose to be a downer post.