Monday, January 9, 2012

Is This Normal?

In an effort to abide my resolutions, to which I am killing thankyouverymuch (except for the sugar thing, but I digress), I did a few exercises this evening.  

Hannah was hobbling the other day and told me about her new "workout."  When I use air quotes around work out because her workout is called "The Four Minute Workout."  Seriously? Four minutes?  I rolled my eyes.  But the kid was hobbling.  So I asked.

Hannah claims "The Four Minute Workout" is changing her body.  Changing?  She's 14.  How much is it going to change from perfect?  The workout includes 20 seconds of high stepping, 20 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of squat thrusts, 20 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of mountain climbers, 20 seconds of rest, then repeat for 4 minutes.

Back to tonight.  I worked out this morning, and I thought, I'll "do" Hannah's workout tonight just for kicks and grins.  So I start up.  20 seconds of high steps really fast.  Move on to 20 seconds of squat thrusts...and... I'm done.  I lasted 40 seconds of a 4 minute workout.  40 seconds!

So I'm lying on the bed, recovering from my 40 second exertion, surfing the net when I  realize that I'm, how shall I say this?  Lying in a puddle.  Apparently squat thrusts take a toll on your ability to contain your urine?  Who knew?


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The Galloping Gobets said...

There is a reason for the product Poise. Thanks for making me feel better about my workout efforts yesterday. said...

Not so long ago, one of my students dared me to a jump rope competition. I lasted 30 seconds and almost die while doing that ... So I get what you mean lol