Monday, January 16, 2012

A Bag of Kittens

Funny story.  We are standing in the foyer of the movie theater waiting for David and Hannah's new boyfriend Tony.  "We" being me, Hannah, Bubba, Hannah's BFF Morgan, and Morgan's boyfriend Alex.  

We are standing in the foyer waiting and a very interesting man approaches me.  This is Ohio.  Remember?  Not Seattle.  Not New York or Chicago.  An older (60's?) man with a shaved head wearing a wool pea coat, vibrant green infinity scarf (not unlike my own), circular Harry Potter black spectacles and some expensive cologne approaches me and touches my arm.  I turn to let him past, and he grabs my arm a little tighter.  He says, "God!  Did you drown all your ugly babies?  You know, like kittens in a bag?  Because your children are GORGEOUS.  Gorgeous!"

I laughed and said I had and thanked him, because I thought his joke was humorous, as all the teens and Bubba looked at the strange man and stared.   My four children stared.

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