Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unless something happens between now and 6:00 a.m....

I am stuck going on this silly field trip tomorrow. Yesterday I thought I had received a stay of execution when Bubba came home sick at 12:15. It turns out that eating rotten apples at your teacher's birthday party will make you have stomach cramps and barf in the bathroom. Who knew? Bubba bounced back and by 12:30 was eating his way thru the afternoon and evening and acting his normal kooky self. Dang. I am still going.

And?? We received this asinine letter home from the school telling us that we/kids/no one is allowed to bring electronic devices on the 3.5 to 4 hour bus ride each way. Humina what?? I have to admit to being the rebel and loading the ipod with a book on tape from the library and rockin music. They will never see the tiny white cord going up my chest and into my ear under my coat. And if they do? Give me a break. I am an adult and I am paying to go on this trip. It is a stinking ipod for pete sake. I am going to sit in the front of the bus and pretend I am asleep until we deboard.

I have packed a tote with books, sudoku, water and snacks and am going to suck it up and quit whining and make the best of this wretched trip. I keep chanting "It is for my beautiful boy. It his for my beautiful boy. I can do this. Stop whining!"

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Susan said...

I am thinking positive thoughts for you all the way around...field trip, sickness, house stuff, insurance stuff.

You got a lot on your plate but you're a tough chica. You're going to be OK. IT'S going to be OK.