Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yes, fair readers.  We went to Texas.  We decided that August in Texas during a drought would be such a refreshingly cool vacation.

Seriously, the trip was a gift for David.  David grew up in Texas and hadn't been back since middle school, and the kids and I had never been.  Honestly, I had bad mouthed Texas and never wanted to go because of my monumental fear of snakes, but baby?  I am sold.  I loved it!

We started the whirlwind tour of Texas in San Antonio...

We toured the Alamo.  

I NEVER knew that Texas had such beautiful pine and redwood trees.

Walked along the Riverwalk. 

More Alamo.  You know everyone told us that touring the Alamo is a bit strange because it is  a historical monument in the middle of a city.  I liked that it was close, and it didn't seem too strangely placed.  The grounds of the Alamo are gorgeous and fun to stroll through!

Jalapeno Poppers...yum.
And swamp coolers!  I heart swamp coolers!

A day at Schlitterbahn.  Eh.

Off to North Houston for a few days.
The above restaurant was David's favorite as a kid.  
David has talked about this restaurant for the 23 years we have been together.  
He has dreamt of eating here for 30 plus years.
 I hadn't changed a bit.

David's childhood home.

Chicken Fried Steak.

Brisket tacos?

LIVE cicadas.

A few days in Galveston on the beach.  (Oh where are the pictures?)

Back to the Riverwalk.  

Another gorgeous building in San Antonio.

Food.  Fun.  Sun.

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