Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Mr. Superintendent,

Dear Mr. Superintendent,

Thank you so much for your advanced thought in today's pre-school activities and the havoc they would wreck on my driving and scheduling.  I really appreciate how you planned middle school AND high school orientation for EXACTLY THE SAME times.  I guess ours is the only family in our district that has both an incoming freshman and an incoming 6th grader.

Both my children came home completely overwhelmed and freaked out that they were never going to make it from first period to second period and so on.

Not only did you plan the 3 orientation events (two middle schools and one high school) at the same time, but you created a traffic jam around the area of each school in question so as to make attending both impossible, picking up both your children impossible, and just plain a MESS in our usually traffic-less Stepford community.  It took me a half and hour to travel the distance of a mile this morning because of your orientation geniousity and planning.

While we are on the subject of your mad planning skilz, let me also commend you for your let's get rid of half-day public Kindergarten and replace it with full day only on EITHER Mondays/Thursdays and every other Wednesdays  OR Tuesdays/Fridays and every other Wednesdays except in the month of November.  What? you are asking?  What schedule is this?  That is exactly what everyone in our community is asking.  WTF?  Yes, this new Kindergarten policy has provided me with a job, but can we all just say what WERE you smoking when you devised this?  Not one person understands the schedule and how you devised this.

I understand that this master plan of yours saves the district money because of bussing, but seriously?  What is the dollar amount?  Can I write you a check?

Sorry, not your biggest fan at the moment.




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