Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Walmart People,

Dear Walmart People,

Thank you so much for your entertaining ways, but I must confess I really do hate you.  Not you personally, because I am not a hater, but your idiotic ways.

Yesterday I walked into Super Walmart because it was the closest grocery store (that sold edible produce) and you shocked me people.  Repeatedly.  Do I normally shop in snobby stores?  No.  I wouldn't consider Meijer, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, etc to be excessively snobby, but the clientele in my Walmart always has a way of stunning me with their behaviors.

Don't get me wrong, the web-site "People of Walmart" has such wonderful pictures of Walmart people in their full regalia, and I did see my fair share of those yesterday...yes I am talking to you "lady in the purple zebra print shortie daisy duke romper with high heeled black boots"...but the more shocking Walmart issue was the psycho parents.  Has a child psychologist toured our fair country's Walmart's taking notes and secretly video taping?  Because they would have a plethora of material for their "How NOT To Parent" series.

We witnessed the whiny "I want this" 4 year old that as soon as her mother would say no, she would pick up another thing and say "I want this."  That parent might as well have just timed her "No's" to every 15 seconds.  She didn't have to wait for her daughter to ask.

We witnessed the seemingly stoned parent who shuffled through the store pushing her cart, taking up the whole aisle, who in the coarse of the 6 minutes it took to get past her and her cart, lost her child 12 times.  This parent, who was called "MaMa" but looked more like a "Maw Maw" walked away from her child 12 times.  EVEN my kids rolled their eyes.  That child needed a tether or the parent needed a triple shot.

Then there was the loud talking, boisterous pair of women with the Hannah Montana-ish rugrat that ignored their superstar child whilst she sang into her bedazzled microphone at the top of her lungs in the produce section.  

The finale' was the obnoxious woman who sideswiped me to get into the "short line" with her cart of 196 items.  Call me crazy, but if you see a person walking toward a check out line (me) you don't run at them with your cart so they stop to avoid injury of all children involved, just to cut in front of them in line.

Wow.  About all I can say is wow Walmart.



michelle b. said...

Well said! I don't need to comment beyond that. Just well said!

Rachel said...

love your blog btw. In the UK, we have Asda which is part of the "Walmart Family".
I would rather be part of the Manson family....

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