Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Network Executives,

Dear Network Executives,

Thank you so much for providing us with wonderful programming choices such as the newly discovered entry on my Time Warner listing "Perfect Boobs."  No, I do not subscribe to the porn channels.  This particular show could have been an infomercial, but needless to say what channel do you think my pre-pubescent boy is going to be attracted to when surfing the listings?

No, I am not a reality t.v. junkie.  I have friends that watch the "Bachelor" faithfully after 100 seasons...I have friends that are bigs fans of show like "Ice Road Truckers."  I have discovered a friends' dark secret obsession with "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," but honestly I never personally seek out reality t.v. shows.  Okay, there is my family's occasional fascination with "Swamp People"...but that is quality programming.  I love trying to count how many teef Junior has and love seeing the completely different lifestyle that is Swamp life.  Maybe I just miss the southern accents we encountered in North Carolina.  Who knows?

Oh wait, we also like "American Pickers"  but that doesn't count either.  Antiques and picking through peoples junk is normal behavior.

When did you, Network Executives, decide that reality t.v. shows and shows with names like "Perfect Boobs" were air-able?

I am seriously considering canceling my cable, but what would I do every evening?  My ISP is bundled with my t.v.  and I'd have to actually do something strenuous, like research, to change things.

Hugs and kisses,


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