Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The New Me

Yes, it has been awhile.  Tonight I was talking on the phone with Matt, my brother, about his blog.  Matt proposed that I write something for his blog, as a guest blogger, and the thought excited me!  But then I thought, what the heck?  I have my own soapbox!  So here I am.  Sorry for my absence.

In a nut shell, here is what has happened in the last few months...

-my kids are still as crazy as ever and are the primary source for this blog.
-my dog got rid of her mohawk.  Recently.
-we gave away our sugar gliders last weekend. Hundreds of dollars down the drain.
-I got divorced.
-5 seconds after the flying squirrels left my kids started in on a new dog.
-I still live in the same house as my ex-husband.
-Hannah didn't make the HS soccer team, so both kids are playing rec.
-I'm still in grad school and doing well, but also freaking out occasionally.
-I am considering dating.
-I grew my hair out and dyed it blonde.
-my ex-husband and I are friends.
-my evil and irritating tweenage "boss" left (was let go) and I took her position.
-I am starting over with a social life.
-I am venturing out of my shell and making friends.
-I recently rammed a bus into a basketball hoop at the local elementary school and ripped a hole in the top of the bus and my boss didn't fire me.
-I feel better than I have in years emotionally.
-I recently (4 days ago) gave up sugar, flour, and dairy.
-I am still very much a crazy person.

Any questions?  


Kelsey said...

Holy crap! It's reset season, isn't it (I had a reset summer myself)! Congratulations with all the big decisions!

Careless said...

Kelsey-Great phrase! Reset what big decisions have you made?

Kelsey said...

I decided to quit my PhD (I have a MS from the same institution), quit my long term relationship, lose 20 pounds, and look for jobs out of state. Isn't it nice to get rid of all that stuff in your life that's dragging you down? It's an amazing feeling. I love your blog by the way!