Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I was shopping in Meijer with the kids the other day and Bubba saw the display of sweat pants.  He went crazy.  Apparently he has had a dream to own a pair of sweatpants and matching sweatshirt for quite awhile now, and I never knew.  

It was negotiated, and I agreed to purchase a sweatsuit for his lounging use only.  He can NOT wear the assemble out of the house.  He hemmed and hawed and settled on a dark grey pant and matching crew neck top to his delight..  Who knew?

Bubba was so excited, he took the bag containing the purchase into the back seat with him and had stripped and changed before I even made the first trip into the house with the bags of groceries when we arrived home.

A few days later I walked in the door from work to find Bubba in his sweatsuit (3rd day in a row) playing a video game.  He saw me walk in the door and ran up to me excitedly talking.  "Mom!  Mom!  These are the most comfortable things ever.  I LOVE my new sweatsuit."

His enthusiasm was met with a "That's nice, Bubba."  

Bubba then ran over and got the Sunday shopping inserts and turned to a page and exclaimed, "And guess what?  I can wear these forever!  Look!  They make sweats in adult sizes too!  Why don't all adults wear sweats ALL the time?"

Oi vey.  

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