Friday, March 30, 2012

Dear Grad School,

Dear Grad School,

Thank you so much for kicking my brain into gear.  The first week's grades, 90/89/96, had me encouraged, worried and fearful all at the same time, but the second week?  98/95/100...yeah baby!

I have discovered a love hate with you and your TA, grad school.  The first week the comments left on my submissions were not that great...I need to be more formal...use the APA format (Whoops!).  This week, you ask me why I'm not giving specific examples from my own classroom?  I'm wondering how to be formal and give amusing classroom anecdotes.  

So now I am juggling weekly assignments AND the 25 page research paper, due in a few weeks.  This is why I am missing.  Sorry.

100% kisses,


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