Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dear Depression,

Dear Depression,

Apparently I toyed with a tiny version of you early this week.  That is, my friend Heather told me at dinner last night that I toyed with you, depression, based on my actions.  

This week was Spring Break.  I was off all week long.  Evidently I start toying with depression when my mind is idle. things keep me sane.

So what behaviors of mine constitute a diagnosis of depression from Heather?  Uh...YouTube.  I was describing to Heather that I watched the video of Jonathan and Charlotte and that I cried, albeit only a few tears, because I was so happy for Jonathan.  Since the story broke I've only watched the video 3 times!  Geez.

This kind of depressing behavior segues into me surfing the news sites and finding the story/video of blind dog rescued and given sight that really made me cry and start surfing ASPCA site for dogs to adopt.  WHICH led me to google the video of Christian the know the one reunited with the men who raised him. The lion video ALWAYS makes me cry.

This is the point of the conversation in which Heather stops me and asks me if I was feeling a little depressed this week.  Apparently I watch heartwarming videos on YouTube and news sites when I need a little pick me up.

Thank goodness I am going back to work on Monday.


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