Monday, January 5, 2009

She's baaaaack....

After a long absence I am finally back to the world of blogging. I have much to say...and it may come in spurts because I need to be doing some chores to get caught up!

First, let me say that on my blogger dashboard I got this snip of a blog to go and check out, and boy was it...depressing? inspiring? disheartening? overwhelming? If you have a minute go to the Long Thread and check out today's tutorial. The blog lists a bunch of crafty tutorials for the new year. Oi! Like I said, it is additive and will drive you crazy all the cute stuff. Then after I click one of the links I get all caught up in the other more recent stuff on these other blogs and sooner or later an hour has passed and I have nothing to show for the time. There should be a word for that. Bloggeria? Blogidiction? Anyway, enjoy your crafty self and start planning projects for the year!

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