Monday, January 5, 2009


Here I gave you all (two of you) the big work up for O's Christmas present and then I forgot to take stinking pictures of it! The only thing that I remembered was the beard. Duh. It all started with this blog I Made You A Beard via the Angry Chicken blog. Angry Chicken was going to make her daughter a Tom Ten costume and referenced this beard on the blog. Well, I loved it and copied it (see the picture). Then the gift grew to include a sword, shield, Batman chest insignia and mask, Robin insignia and mask, a cape, a crown and a "Super O" costume including a chest plate, arm cuffs and mask, all in a fabric bag with his name on the front. BTW, our family picked the superhero name Super O after much discussion of the pros and cons of "Wonder O Man" (sounds too much like Wonder Woman), "O Man" (sounds like Omen), and the like.

Man, I wish I would have taken pictures, because it turned out super cute and I L*O*V*E*D making the pieces and was in the sewing zone. Why is it that I love making costumes? Maybe it is because it is the forgiving and no hems, or maybe because it was for O. I will hopefully have my sister take pictures and post them.

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Susan said...

I was really hoping you'd come show us what you were DYING to show us.

I was kind of afraid maybe you'd *died* waiting! ;)