Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Actual E-mail From Bubba's Teacher

Good morning,

I thought that I would share w/ you a humorous comment by Sam yesterday during science class.  After reading the reproduction & human development sections in the book, I asked the kids if they had any unique “birth stories” that they would like to share w/ the class.  Sam raised his hand (do you know where this is going? ) and replied, “When I was born, I was so fat I ripped my mom’s vagina.”  I simply replied, “Yep, that happens.”  

I can only imagine what my children say about me….

Sam has been such a pleasure to have in science.  He has a FANTASTIC personality.  He is a hard worker and he participates in class regularly, which I greatly appreciate!  I will certainly miss him next year!!

Have a wonderful day,

Mrs. W

Here is my response....in between fits of giggles.

Mrs. W-


We often talk about how fat Sam was as a baby, he was 9 lbs. 2 oz. at birth and 24 pounds by 4 months old...but honestly the subject of my vagina has never come up.  

I am so glad you e-mailed, but also horrified at the thought that he said this.  Out loud.  In front of his peers. About me.  I saw a few of his peers last night at their soccer game, and I don't think I received too many stares of horror.  

I also have to say that asking that particular open ended question may have additional future embarrassing comments.  If I ever teach human reproduction to middle schoolers, I'll make sure I remember that one.

I cannot stop laughing.

I'm glad you have enjoyed Sam's personality, I personally think he is hilarious, but he can be an acquired taste as all 11 year old boys are.  Thank you so much for sharing this with me!


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