Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dear Pharma,

Dear Pharma,

Thank you so much for "making me well" while "making me crazy."  I appreciate the fact that physicians are guessing when it comes to diagnosis and a 3 week, head splitting, tennis ball green snot blowing, infection.  But YOUR DRUGS ARE MAKING ME CRAZY.  

Why do you call it a Z-pack anyway?  Z for...zany?  Your z-pack has done nothing for me except nullify all my other medications.  My thyroid?  Totally inactive.  I now sleep all day.  And when I am awake?  My hormones are zoinkers.  I could have thrown my t.v. out the window today while playing an innocent game of wii Billards.  I finally just threw the wii-mote across the room, stormed upstairs and lay in my bed crying.  Over a wii game.  Psycho.  

Thank you, too, for turning the lymph nodes in my neck into hot coals.  Between the mood alterations, lack of head pounding relief, and sleep, I am a freaking mess.  A mess!

Hugs and sleepy kisses,



Amanda said...

If it makes you feel any better, I get mad over Angry Birds on a regular basis haha. My boyfriend usually tells me to put it away before I get too bad though. :)

Anthony said...
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Painted Furniture said...

What is Anthony talking about?