Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Strange Thing...

I am nuts about costumes.  Nuts!  I love making costumes, and "things" and the bigger the challenge, the better.

Every year around Bubba's birthday we start discussing Halloween costumes.  I am a "make it" costume gal, and the thought of running to Target to buy the last ghoul mask on the shelf the day of, makes me ill.  I hate hum drum costumes.  I H*A*T*E ghoul stuff.

So, this year?  Bubba decided he wanted to be a toilet.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  A toilet.

Of coarse the natural joke was that he was the toilet, and his sister? The "turd."   But alas, Hannah is no longer in the costume trick or treating game.  Entrance to High School grants you a "No trick or treating" pass in my book.  You are welcome to dress up, but you are not going around taking candy from babies, as it were.

So...our process began with a trip to Sam's Club where I riffled thru the box bin and came up with the "tank."  A bowl, paper mache'd into "the bowl" and a piece of poster board paper into the pedestal, and this is what we have so far...

We are still tweeking it, and the lid and rim have to be constructed and mache'd, but we are right on track for the 31st.

Today we bought the handle (from Home Depot).  We also decided today that we couldn't extend the pedestal back any further (like a real toilet) because of Bubba's legs.

The idea is that we will construct the rim and lid this week, around soccer and homework, and fasten those so we can spray it white this weekend.  Bubba is installing a fishing line to pull the seat up when he says trick or treat so the candy can be deposited into the bowl.  But he is VERY worried the bowl is too small.

This project has been fun, and Bubba even made his way into big boy tools with the jigsaw when he cut the toilet bowl rim from a piece of plywood.  I wish I had a picture of his first wood working!

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Andrea said...

That is so amazingly creative!! I can't wait to see the finished product! I'm feeling so inspired about kids' Halloween costumes now...