Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dear Eyes Part Two,

Dear Eyes,

I know that you are feeling left out in the bling department, after all my teeth have had some recent bling, my butt has had some new pants, my feet new shoes, and my hair a new cut...but new glasses?  Come on!

Really?  We can't get by with reading glasses from CVS?  You have to go all "two different PROGRESSIVE lenses" on me?  Seriously?  I know that I am 42 now, but progressives?  That is just a nice way to say bifocals (like reader Eileen said).  

First my hair decides to go all grey, then my hips decide that exercising is so passe', now YOU, eyes, are requesting progressive lenses?  Do I have any dignity left?

Then...I start looking at frames, that I have to wear EVERYDAY, and everything is all bedazzled.  What on earth would indicate that a 40-something year old woman would want rhinestones on the sides of her glasses?  What in the hell says Hannah Montana like bedazzled hearts?  Butterflies?  Then there are the cheetah prints, Coach logos (no thank you), and gold lame'd circles.  Seriously?

Of coarse the non-bedazzled ones are the "Vera Wang" glasses and the $400 danish something or others.

And how am I supposed to make a choice like this when my eyes are dilated?  It is a racket, I tell you a racket!  So for now, no glasses.

Blurry kisses,



Andrea said...

Costco or!!! I get my glasses for ten bucks online at zenni... bifocals, ahem, progressives will cost a little more. You have to figure out how to enter your prescription in the online form, but it's totally worth a shot :)


I went what you went through at your age with progressives and it was like you said including dialated pupils and trying to make choices. LOL Just wait until you are 57, I can fill you in on the other unpleasant things that happen to your body as you age if ya really wanna know! Wait, I think it should be a surprise, like it is for me! I wouldn't want to spoil it. LOL

BTW, my mom gets glasses from too. As for me, I really hate the progressives, it's taken me awhile to get use to it, went through where I got mono-vision with contacts (one eye would see close up and the other for distance, believe it or not, your brain sorts it out) It was o.k., but I do a lot of close up work and it wasn't fine tuned enough for me. My favorite combination is wearing contacts for distance and then I wear a pair of cheap dollar store readers for when I need to see close up and it works great for me! Good luck adjusting to what ever will work for you!

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