Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mommy Throws A Fit Part Deux

There is more.  After my first fit?  It got worse.

We waited all night for a text.  ALL night.  Hannah never texted us to tell us when she needed a ride.  Our texts were never answered.

Long about 10:30 I was pissed.  Unbelievably pissed.  The dance had been over since 10.  We had waited for a text to tell us what part of the evening we would be driving.  After texting the 5th unanswered text, I texted Hannah's BFF (also at the dance) and asked her where Hannah was.

Hannah called me, from the dance minutes later.  Apparently she had gotten the time wrong and the dance ended at 11.  I couldn't hear Hannah, and we were disconnected 3 times, so finally I texted her back on her BFF's phone and told her when she left the dance, she was to come straight home.

At 11:15 she knocked on the front door.  I was already in bed and went downstairs to let her in.  Silently.  I walked back upstairs and went back to bed.  Seething.

At 11:45 Hannah's BFF's Mom starts texting me.  I am asleep, or was asleep.  I walk into Hannah's room, take her phone and walk back out and go back to bed.

So this morning the poop hit the fan.  Hannah got chewed out by David, she got chewed out by me, she lost her phone.  Her phone is now only used when she is at school or at soccer practice.  The moment she walks in the door, her phone goes in a box.  Off.  

When Hannah can use her phone to communicate with her parents, and not as a social tool,  she will be allowed to use it again.  We explained it would not kill her to check in with us every once and a while.

Did I behave badly?  Yes.  Did I throw a fit?  Yup.


Tinderno said...

What is the point of leaving you feedback on this post. You won't want to hear it. you are never wrong, not even when you are pretending to be pluckily wrong like in this post. You will, like the little ahmadinejad that they are pretending to be, abuse the power and use it to crush the joy out of you chils life and yet still find a way to blame them. I just demoted a manager who was doing what you are doing. Wondering what your strrategy is here... I am sure you have an answer that will make perfect sense... to you.

Painted Furniture said...

By throwing a fit, Hannah being chewed out twice and her phone taken away you have shown her that you care- you must be aware of where she is and that she is safe.
There is no power being abused. You are her mother and nothing else need be said.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

The fact you were concerned is reason enough,Ive waited all night for a call to give my teens a lift home,no sleep and full time work together doesnt make a happy camper,I hope it turns good for you,and dont feel bad,you re not the only one whoes done this,AND theres a big difference between a adult and a teen

Amy said...

i would have done the exact same thing if it were my child. she needs to realize you're only upset because you love her and care about her safety. Good for you for putting your foot down on the matter.

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storylady said...

Great blog. I'd have done the same thing...she doesn't have to (and won't, believe me)like you all the time. But she'll thank you one day in the far distant future.


NanaGo said...

They do eventually forgive you. Hold to your guns. You are molding a young lady that will need to understand responsibility and courtesy to be successful in the working world. And it all begins with situations like this. Daughter #2 had a really tough time with that and now at 32 she is the most stable and responsible of all of them. I would not have placed that bet on her back when she was 15.I learned my lesson as well. . . .Patience is a wonderful medicine for Blood pressure.