Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Tonight, on the way to pick up Hannah from soccer practice there was a bit of roadkill in the middle of the road, which is not surprising, since we drive through back roads to get to the fields. 

Upon passing this particularly gruesome spectacle, Bubba pipes up "Aww, the poor pig."

Cue the crickets.

I start laughing.  "A pig?  Uh...I think you have your species mixed up.  THAT, my friend, was a possum."

Bubba starts arguing, "That was TOO a pig!  A baby pig, lying dead in the road.  Someone's family pet, lying in the middle of the road, DEAD, and YOU have no sympathy!"

I laughed the whole way to the field.


Jennifer said...

You are evil, but I love you anyway. And I am laughing too.

r4 card said...
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iconictitanic said...

Children see much more than adults. Their imagination and sympathy is untarnished by adult selfishness and cynicism.< tarnished>

iconictitanic said...

rJennifer, life and morality should not always be taken seriously.

Careless said...

IconicTitanic-I think I may know my son a little better than you, and he knows me and accepts my cynicism. We have that kind of sarcastic, honest relationship.

As for Jennifer, she is a dear friend and when she calls me evil? I accept it as it's intended, as a compliment. I love her and know she would NEVER judge my parenting. Jennifer is my parenting guru.

Ms. ZangaZanga said...

Haha! You are awesome! This gave me a good giggle!