Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear IQ eighty employer,

Dear IQ eighty employer,

Thank you so much for showing me why jobs are so hard to come by.  In a rare (in 3 years of working in this town I have ONLY driven to pick up take out 2 times during a work day) fit of drive thru dining while running errands during my lunch break today I met your cashier.  A gen-u-ine IQ eighty, SHOULD BE working at MacDonalds, incompetent.

When I went thru your drive thru I ordered a mighty kid's meal (for the apples).  Upon proceeding to the cashier I handed her $10.56 for a $3.56 food bill.  First, the cashier took my change and asked me how much I had given her so she did not have to count it.  Second, the cashier asked me if I had handed her a ten dollar bill.  And third, she had to ASK ME how many dollar bills I needed in return.  She could NOT subtract 3 from 10.  In her head.  She said something incomprehensible about typing in the wrong amount and not being able to "do the math." I am honestly wondering if she needed optical aids, or if she was, in fact, dumber than some of my Kindergarteners.

Shame on you for placing that person at the cashier window.  And shame on you for having her work DURING LUNCH TIME.

I'm beginning to think that you, too, are IQ 80.

Hugs and meaty kisses,



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fire boy 11 said...

you should have given the ten and asked for a twenty :p