Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear Macchio Man,

Dear Macchio Man,

Thank you so much for your entertaining qualities.  As I was driving down the freeway yesterday I noticed you in your FULL Macchio regalia.  You had your seat reclined, arm hanging out the window, wearing your black and white bandana tied around your head and t-shirt with the arms cut off, driving a red mid 80's coupe.  

Granted, you are quite a bit older than Ralph when he made Karate Kid, gauging by the crazy amount of hair on your face and creeping out of the neck of your shirt, chewbacca, but I could tell you still wanted to be JUST LIKE Mr. MACCHIO.

The thing that made me laugh even harder than all your macho manhood?  The matching red Yankee Candle air freshener hanging from your rear view mirror.

Wow.  That's about all I can say.  WOW.

Hugs and hairy kisses,

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