Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm trying to understand what lesson I am supposed to be learning. I am daily being barraged with exercises in patience and selflessness as well as greed.

Today when I arrived home form work there was more plaster work being done in my guest room. It seems that my father did not heed my advice and use an "On Command" type product to hang the cushions he and my mother want to use as headboards. He used an industrial adhesive velcro. When the cushions were to heavy to use as headboards they tore the paint and paper off the wall at the head of each bed. Not only is my wallboard ruined, but my father has patched the wallboard as well as tried to match my custom paint with no success.

As I am realizing what is happening in the guest room I find that my garage side door has been open all day and not only is my garage freezing cold, but oddly enough so is my house. While I am watching my father comes into the house, leaving the door to the garage open and uses the bathroom whilst all my heat leaves out the open door.

Then I begin to understand that not only has he poorly patched my walls without my consent, he is constructing some sort of plywood frame that he in turn takes huge screws and screws them into my walls. He did NOT ask me about this. He has not asked me about any of this. Yes, this is the room they sleep in, but while they are gone during the year I do rearrange things and use the room for other purposes. Not only this but it is my guest room. When guests sleep here I may not want to use a bench cushion as a headboard.

I am so flabbergasted and angry that I focus all my attention on my son and play video games all afternoon as a way to avoid my parents.

At dinner my mothers dog then proceeds to dig a hole in the already ruined door to gain escape from the room she is being locked in.

By the time David got home tonight (late) I was LIVID. We go upstairs and I explain the situation telling him I refuse to speak to my parents at this point because if I do I feel that not only will I explode and say things I will regret, I will tell them never to visit again and certainly that their dog is never to come to my house again. EVER. Did I mention their dog attacked my dog in her own home and ripped her eyelid open and Chloe had emergency stitches and a cone of shame?

I have 3 more days. David understands how mad I am at this point. He is supportive and agrees that I am in no condition to speak to my parents except cordially. He knows me too well and agrees the relationship will suffer if I start.

I swear I am going to be jinxed and am going to be stuck at home with a snow day this week. Let me tell you, if this happens...I will be sick in bed all day.


Jennifer said...

I am SO sorry. I wish I was there to give you a hug right this minute. Sounds like you need a little mental health vacation. Aruba? Bahamas? Rochester? I'm here whenever you need me.

Bailey and Chloe's Mom said...

There are no words for what is going on. Just know we are thinking and praying for you. Everything he is doing can be repaired at some point. Your Mom and Dad can't be repaired at this point. This month I will be looking back at my Mom's birthday and the anniversary of her death. Even though you are going crazy right now. You would give anything to still have them. This month it will have been 7 years since my Mom passed and this year 19 since my Dad passed. So at the age of 32 I was an orphan. Not the best feeling. So I know it is easy for me to say "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" but don't go somewhere do something it will be okay. Please know we are sending you hugs!