Monday, April 20, 2009

Get A Job

I just hit the submit button for my first job application in the new city. Aaaaa! I applied to a Senior Living Center as a Part Time activities director. I also spent all morning polishing up the old resume' in hopes of submitting it to the local gorgeous bookstore called Books & Co. B & C has openings for a bookseller , but also a FT Assistant General Manager, which ironically I am qualified for (a shocker!) and seems pretty interesting. The only draw back? Full Time. I know my kids are riding the bus now as of today, and suddely old and don't need me...but Full Time???

Bubba is off on his first field trip today, and it is POURING down rain. Like movie rain pouring. And lucky him, it is an outdoor venue to some back in time thingy where you pretend you are in the 1800's. One bright spot is that it is literally 5 miles from our house and so the travel time is small when he will be wet and muddy. I didn't get picked to chaperone, not like I am sad, but I am never going to get involvoed at that stinkin school. I have e-mailed, talked to the principal, etc and everyone is telling me "in a few weeks..."

Hannah woke up late and missed the bus, that she was supposed to be riding for the first time. I made her aggree to take it home, I am sure she is freaking out about it.

More later. Today is our anniversary and I am meeting D for which I am kind of like "can we do it another day? I have stuff to do." Does that sound bad??? I just hate getting in the zone at home and stopping to go do something. I still need to set up my sewing room and the office, and I am SO CLOSE! It is driving me nuts!!!

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Jennifer said...

Happy anniversary! Hope Hannah's week is better and that you get your stuff organized. Thirteen years, though -- you *should* go out for lunch to celebrate. Miss you tons!