Friday, November 14, 2008


I know...I know. I am a slacker and blogging has not been a priority lately. I promise I will try and make an effort.

Here is Bubba and his tooth loss this week. Including the two that got popped out of his mouth by his peer's hand playing football this week, he has lost a total of 5 teeth. He is slow at loosing teeth, which I guess is a good thing. Stronger teeth? This boy and his mouth. Oi Vey.

It is a cool and rainy day here. So I am making homemade tomato soup ala Angry Chicken. Recipe here. Also Chicken and Wild Rice Soup ala PAIIR's cookbook. Sorry no link. If you aren't cool enough to own a PAIIR cookbook, then call Jennifer, she may still have some in her basement??? Who knows. Anywho...soup's on...and already bought my roasted garlic Artisan loaf...maybe serving with a Gorgonzola Walnut Salad...who knows? I am in a mood. I need a change of pace from the hum drum food we've been eating all week.


Jennifer said...

Ha. No PAIIR cookbooks in my basement. But they did do a new one this year. Forgive the snark, but they had the company type it and they ditched all the "Kids Cook" and "Kid Concoction" recipes. Dorks.

Susan said...

Our PAIIR cookbook was way cooler and probably involved far more colorful language than the company produced one!

I have one though and that makes ME a cool kid. I'll have to check that recipe out! Thanks for the tip!