Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm kind of a picture person

When I have been thinking about blogging and doing "it" everyday I've decided that I am kind of a picture person. I want a picture on the blog each time I write. Well...this is forcing me to take more pictures too. So it is a win-win situation, right?

Today's picture/s are of the troubles of trampolines. The week before last, I know I need to take more pictures, H spent the night at a friends with a few other classmates. The Mom told me to pick up H the next day between 3:30 and 4:00. At about 3:35 as I was shooing Bubba out to the car my cell phone rings and it is the Dad of the spend the nightee. He asked if I was on my way and I said yes, thinking, jeez did I get the time wrong or something? He then proceeded to tell me that H has had a "little accident." I then hopped in the car and drove, remarkably calm, to their house. Upon my arrival the Dad comes outside and explains what is going on. In retrospect I think he was preparing me for the weeping and gnashing of teeth I was about to encounter. It seems that the girls were dismounting the trampoline and H was the last one off. They were using a plastic lawn chair to get down and when H stepped on the seat it broke (probably from sun and rain damage) and she went tumbling and the chair shredded her knees. All a very random accident. Yes the accident involved a trampoline, but I blame the chair. H just thinks I'm weird because I take pictures of even injuries. She asked if I was going to scrapbook this or something? :)

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