Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Pintrest,

Dear Pintrest,

Thank you for creating a new monster.  Thank you for creating another site that sucks what little free time I cling to dry, and leaves me wondering what the hell I have done with the last hour of my life.  I was hoping for that!

Thank you, too, Pintrest, for not only offering the visual stimuli, but dangling things like "Ribs in the Crockpot!" (which WERE the best ribs ever, BTW) and "Easy Delicious Pretzel Bites" in front of my empty stomach.  They WERE easy.  They WERE delicious in all their buttery goodness.  So now I'm lazy AND fat!  A wintery win-win!

Not only have you made me lazy and fat, you have created a stalker, I mean "Intense Researcher."  Why do I need to know that Vicky S. has 15,000 pins?  Who cares if Sara H. was pinning at 5:30 this morning?  Stop taunting me Pintrest, just stop!

The thing about you, Pintrest, is that you allow me to "pin" stuff to my board and you don't judge me when I never complete a project. But I've decide that I need to change my collecting status to a doing status, and make those recipes!  Sew those projects!  Arrange that furniture!  Wear the combination of clothes like that woman put on her story board.  This weekend I actually made 3 of your recipes and completed, YES COMPLETED, two of your projects.  And I am looking forward to your "Easy Crockpot French Dip" and others.

Hugs and butter drenched kisses,



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