Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear PBS,

Dear PBS,

Thank you (in all seriousness) for your contribution to my base knowledge.  I can have an intelligent conversation with a recently turned 5 year old about Chinese culture all because of your excellent programming.

Yesterday, I was engaging my new student in conversation and I was able to talk about Chinese culture all because of your cartoon "Sagwa."  Do you remember the cartoon about the Chinese cat that did calligraphy?  It was really popular when Hannah was young...around 2000?  2001?   Well my student was describing her meal from the previous night...squid...and all the other kids were staring at her in horror.  I jumped in and asked this student about Moon Cakes.  All because of my Sagwa knowledge.

This student lit up and said she had moon cakes before when her father had brought them back from China.  I asked what message was smuggled inside (espionage style) and she laughed because I KNEW the moon cake history.  All because of this damn cartoon I must have watched a BILLION times with Hannah.

Then we also discussed Chinese calligraphy, which I remember and can write a few words in, ALL BECAUSE of your cartoon!  My student was very impressed.  

So thank you PBS, for teaching me Chinese 101.  I can keep impressing the 5 year olds!

Sticky hugs and kisses,


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Kimberly said...

Ha! I heart PBS! They really do have it goin' on!